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Navigate an Evolving Media Market

At Media Analytics, we help corporations maximize their media purchases through the use of today’s best technology. It is our job to ensure our clients have a good understanding of their media costs in relation to market average pricing.

We help clients evaluate and communicate media performance, organization-wide, through the use of easy-to-read dashboards. Detailed information related to media purchases that previously took months to compile can now be gathered and analyzed significantly faster.

Our US-based company was established in 2017 with the goal of helping advertisers:

  • easily understand the strengths and opportunities for their media buys
  • deliver results quickly
  • show the results in a format that’s easily assessable.

Our founder has more than 15 years of media industry experience helping large and medium corporations thrive in evolving media markets.

An Advocate for Your Media Investment

Cody Tunney is the founder and CEO of Media Analytics, and a leader in the media analytics industry. She has worked with 40+ of the largest and most respected US advertisers, helping them maximize their advertising media budget by delivering actionable recommendations for cost savings. Cody has analyzed campaigns for top global brands in the Americas, India, Asia, and Asia Pacific across multiple mediums and platforms. Through her career, she has analyzed more than 1,000 ad campaigns and over $10 billion in advertising spend.

Early in her career, Cody learned how to apply the European model for cost benchmarking and competitive analysis for the US marketplace. She has industry experience with media analytics, product development, automation, managing client contracts, presentations, business development, and business management.

Cody is originally from Michigan, and has worked in London, New York City, and now in Houston. She enjoys spending time with her family, adventuring outdoors, and skiing.

Work with Us

In order to maximize your ad spend, you need a US-based media consultant who understands the local market. We are experienced industry leaders with a firm understanding of media trading dynamics.

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