Image of line chart with comparison data, comparing actual advertiser media costs to the largest database in the US

US Media Consulting Services

At Media Analytics, we provide media consulting expertise to maximize the effectiveness of our clients’ ad spend within the US market. We use a unique blend of technology-driven dashboards and traditional consultancy that allows our clients to make informed purchasing decisions and maximize negotiation opportunities.

Cost Benchmarking

Cost benchmarking is sometimes referred to as a media audit, TV audit, or digital audit, depending on the medium. The concept is to compare actual advertiser media costs to the largest database in the US in order to understand how to make the most out of their next media purchase.

We provide our clients with an independent assessment of their media costs in relation to other advertisers in the market at the same time. Our benchmarks are always compiled on a like-for-like basis and sourced from the largest databases in the US.

Competitive Analysis

The idea behind a competitive analysis is to make sure that our clients are positioned to attract their optimal target audience. North America Media Analytics can look at factors such as what your competitors are doing, and whether you are advertising in the same place. We can evaluate the share of the voice and make any necessary recommendations for improving positions.

Savings Validation

All companies are interested in finding ways to save money – that is always a common goal. Media Analytics helps our clients to strategically save money while improving or maintaining audience impressions. One consequence of cutting back on ad spending, however, would be to deliver the message to a smaller audience, or worse, the wrong audience.

At the heart of our savings validation process is the alignment of purpose between the advertiser and the ad agency. The advertiser and the agency must agree on the savings goals of their buys, and then we can help by creating an agreement as to how these goals are met, measured, and validated.

Media Consulting Services to Help You Maximize Your Ad Buy

Are you ready to improve your position within the US media market? It makes sense to have a strategy behind your ad buy approach. Are you looking to talk with someone about your current campaigns? Contact Media Analytics today!